The “InPriMo“ project was launched with the goal of developing a comprehensive preventive medicine system that provides early detection of high-risk factors, accompanies the corresponding therapeutic measures and eventually leads to long-term cost savings for the healthcare industry.

Individualised Prevention with Mobile Devices

Project Objectives

The “InPriMo“ concept involves merging mobile user devices, sensor-based systems and mobile communication technologies into a single platform capable of monitoring vital parameters, thus creating an approach that integrates preventive and therapeutic medicine practices. Specifically, this innovative preventive medicine concept is designed to be compatible with existing systems without constraining the user in any way, regardless of the sensor and communication technology in use. In addition to helping the healthcare industry reduce costs, “InPriMo“ will create attractive new opportunities for service providers and technology.

Planned Measures

The first phase involves conducting research into and understanding the implications of the social factors that currently impact the healthcare system. On the application side, researchers will examine the role that existing and potential technologies can play in the field of preventive medicine. This relates not only to the capture, processing and transmission of sensor data used in monitoring bodily functions, but also any opportunities that arise for treating chronically ill patients. With respect to the transmission interfaces and standards for measurement data, the project will take into account the special needs of the healthcare industry, including authentication, transmission security, data privacy and prioritized notifications.

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Brochure “Medical Communication and Biosignal Processing“

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