Sensor Network for Closely Monitoring the Vitals of Stationary and Ambulatory High-risk Heart Patients

Project Objectives

The “SOMATEK“ project was launched with the goal of creating an innovative technical and organizational 24/7 monitoring infrastructure that serves as a secondary prevention measure to help high-risk heart patients avoid life-threatening situations.

The concept is built around a sensor network for closely monitoring the vitals of stationary and ambulatory patients. This so-called “Patient Area Network“ (PAN) is integrated into the hospital infrastructure.


SOMATEK – Vital-Sensorik-Netze für ein engmaschiges Monitoring von Patienten mit akuter kardialer Risikokonstellation im stationären und außerklinischen Umfeld
© Photo Fraunhofer IIS

SOMATEK – Sensor Network for Closely Monitoring

A sensor chest band equipped with additional modular sensor technology (wireless connectivity) serves as the communication center of the PAN. The system features a miniaturized portable vitals monitor – the “Vital Pod“ – which is connected to a higher-level data network.

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Brochure “Medical Communication and Biosignal Processing“

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