The software »VolumePlayer« is used for visualizing, processing and analyzing two- and three-dimensional X-ray data sets and offers a wide range of import and export functions. Modules to be activated separately extend the software as graphical front end for a large number of data manipulation tools and for complex evaluation algorithms for laboratory systems.

Characteristics of VolumePlayer

VolumePlayer focuses on data visualization in layers resp. on the simultaneous representation of several data sets, also as a 3D viewer. Besides tools for simple measuring tasks a wide range of image processing operators are available optionally for data processing. Moreover the generation of STL surface data is possible. In addition special correction methods for computed tomography (iterative artifact reduction IAR) can be included. If desired, there is also the possibility to integrate methods adjusted individually to the customer’s requirements.

Application fields of VolumePlayer

  • Radioscopy data
  • Computed tomography data

Technical minimum requirements

Microsoft Windows 7 64 Bit, main memory requirement depending on the size of the data sets and on the desired evaluation starting from 4 GB.