Our specialist departments offer custom solutions ranging from optical 3D measurement systems and industrial x-ray cameras to turnkey x-ray systems for various stages of industrial production. We also perform structure and process analyses for research purposes. Our experts guide the customer from the initial concept and feasibility study to market-ready product. This allows us to offer our clients unique, individualized R&D services tailored completely to their needs.

System components and systems

Our experts guide you from the initial concept and feasibility study to the turnkey product. Apart from developing complete systems, our specialists will also help you integrate components or subsystems into existing test systems. Through our extensive network of partners that includes component manufacturers and suppliers and numerous system integrators and end users, we can find the right solution to address nearly any issue.

Individual x-ray systems

We develop individual x-ray systems tailored to specific requirements.

  • CT system for inspecting ice cores
  • System for testing fluid dynamics in granulate


Compact CT systems for laboratory purposes



Optical testing systems

For fast, three-dimensional scanning of surfaces, we rely primarily on sheet-of-light imaging, an especially advantageous method for inspecting moving objects.


Process-integrated x-ray systems

We offer systems and subsystems that can be integrated into the various stages of our customers' industrial manufacturing processes.

System components

Apart from complete systems, we also offer advanced components that can be integrated into existing systems.

Software products and libraries

We offer software products, as well as libraries that can be implemented in existing software, with the choice between ordering a fixed-term license or purchasing the software outright. Custom software solutions are also available.



The importance of simulation has increased during the past years. Research and development projects in the field of X-ray technology can be realized in many cases without utilizing a real X-ray system. Simulations allow the description of all physical-technical processes in a virtual X-ray environment, such as e.g. the generation of an X-ray image. Thus the characteristics of an inspection system, of X-ray components or inspection parameters as well as their suitability for specific inspection tasks can be evaluated easily and at low cost. Moreover, it is possible to analyze inspection concepts and physical effects in detail by means of simulation. Another application field is the development of system components such as X-ray targets and detectors by examining the fundamental interdependencies of the elementary parts in these components.


Measurement data acquisition

We offer services in the field of the design and definition of object-adapted and application-specific software for generating measuring data leading to optimum inspection results with the aid of additionally integrated methods. According to the customer’s requirements we can focus on a high degree of automation or on maximum flexibility.



X-ray image processing

We possess comprehensive competencies in the field of X-ray image processing that enable us to inspect objects almost independently from material and size, with respect to various deficiencies originating e.g. during their production.


Optical image processing

We offer optical image processing considering the given economic framework. Thus we are able to offer individual, tailor-made solutions for inspecting the surfaces with respect to deviations in shape, color and texture both two- and three-dimensionally. For this purpose algorithms are applied that merge and process a.o. point clouds, delta lists or color pictures.



In the area of x-ray imaging, 3D image data generation solves the issue of creating a data set from two-dimensional scans, which then produces a point-by-point, 3D characterization of the material. These points are represented on a 3D Cartesian coordinate grid through real numbers that reference volume elements (voxel). The voxel method for calculating material properties in a volume is a computer-based approach referred to as reconstruction.


Correction Methods and Data Improvement

Deficiencies of your X-ray system may endanger an optimal image quality. E.g. inhomogeneities in the detector image, instabilities in the dose rate or insufficient exactitudes in the axis system entail artifacts in the reconstruction of the volume data. Correction methods are applied in order to suppress the appearance of artifacts and to optimize the image quality.

Scientific Application Center


Test and measurement services at several locations

Studies and Concepts

You have an idea that you are not sure is feasible or an issue that seems to be unsolvable? The Fraunhofer EZRT team will be glad to help you solve whatever challenge you face.

We offer:

  • Random sample measurements
  • Inspection concepts for new components
  • Comparison analyses for selecting the right inspection technology
  • Determining the available options and restrictions of modern x-ray technology for a specific inspection task