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XXL computed tomography of a crashed vehicle with segmented components. The different colors visualize the deviation from the crash simulation.

Our comprehensive knowledge in the field of non-destructive testing is based on decades of research in this area carried out at the Fraunhofer EZRT. Our offer ranges from consultancy work and studies as
well as scientific measuring services to development of
components and system solutions for:

  • characterization of materials
  • evaluation and analysis of raw materials
  • definition of parameters for the development of products
  • monitoring and regulation of production processes
  • quality control of products
  • condition monitoring of products in use in and in trade
  • sorting of materials for recycling


Studies and Concepts

Do you have a problem for which there is no "off-the-shelf" solution available on the market? Then you have come to the right place! Within the scope of a feasibility study, our experts check whether your problem can be solved with our know-how.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with manufacturers/suppliers of components, numerous system integrators and end users, we are able to offer the right solution for almost any problem. Please contact us!

Our offer:

  • Random sample measurements
  • Inspection concepts for new components
  • Comparison analyses for selecting the right inspection technology
  • Determining the available options and restrictions of modern x-ray technology for a specific inspection task


3 steps to the solution

  1. Query of the general conditions
  2. Free test measurement
  3. Offer


Prototype and individual systems


We build customized prototype systems that are optimally tailored to your needs!



We offer software for purchase and licensing.

Individual components


Components are crucial for the quality of the overall system. With our advanced system components, your system is "up to date".

Training and education


The Fraunhofer EZRT has been offering training and education courses in the area of x-ray based non-destructive testing since 2004 at its Fürth location.

Scientific Application Center


Test and measurement services at several locations

The Scientific Application Center can provide crucial support for increasing the quality of your products and the efficiency of your processes, minimizing risks, controlling for compliance, and bringing your products more quickly to market.

At three of our locations, in Fürth, Würzburg, and Deggendorf, Germany, we offer our customers first-rate services in the area of non-destructive testing.

The spectrum of X-ray equipment at our main location in Fürth alone is unique in the world. Here, we can perform non-destructive testing on a wide range of items, from objects as fine as a hair to entire vehicles or freight containers. Regardless of the application or material, our scientists offer the appropriate solutions in areas as diverse as automobiles, power generation, foodstuffs, clothing, and aerospace.