Smart farming: Challenges for the industrial utilization of advanced phenotyping sensors

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In the context of an ever-growing population, the consequences of climate change and the shift towards sustainable agriculture, objective determination of plant health or growth are key factors to address current and future challenges.

The development of sustainable, resource-efficient phenotyping technologies contributes in the long term to the security of supply of entire regions by technologically supporting, among other things, the optimization of growing conditions or the breeding of new varieties. The Fraunhofer Pheno-Talks »Smart farming: Challenges for the industrial utilization of advanced phenotyping sensors« provide a platform for various research institutions and industrial companies to report on current challenges and possible solutions. With the talk series, which will be streamed via Microsoft Teams, we want to offer interested parties, researchers and users from the industry a low-threshold platform for professional exchange. Stefan Gerth will lead through the event series. He has been researching technologies for plant phenotyping for more than 10 years and is head of the

Date Guest/Topic
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3.30 p.m.

Guest: Bas van Eerdt, Director of Phenokey

Topic: Phenotyping technologies: Bridging the gap between concept development and industrial deployment

3.30 p.m.

Guest: Prof. Patrick Noack, Professor at University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf,

Topic: Human Annotation, Validation and Postprocessing of data collected with Phenotyping Sensors

will be announced soon
TBD Guest: Christian Hügel, Strube D&S GmbH will be announced soon
TBD Guest: Prof. Jennifer L. Clarke, Professor and Director of University of Nebraska–Lincoln Food Science and Technology; Statistics will be announced soon
The International Plant Phenotyping Network is supporting this webinar series to encourage the dissemination of knowledge, technology, and applications in the field of plant phenotyping. The Fraunhofer Pheno-Talks series will provide a platform to discuss the latest trends, developments and challenges in plant phenotyping. The Fraunhofer Pheno-Talks is a colaboration between IPPN's Phenomics Webinars & Fraunhofer IIS/EZRT.