A tension device for dimensional measurement and material testing of components under stress

Classical 2-D and 3-D computed tomography provides information about the hidden structures inside the test objects in a static condition. However, if the specimen is subject to a dynamic change, such as motion due to physical processes, all of the conditions relevant to gathering knowledge in the respective case must be measured. The portable tension/compression device at the Fraunhofer Applied Research Center CTMT enables CT measurements to be made on tensile specimens or components while forces are introduced at the same time.

With dimensional measurement and material testing using nondestructive, in situ computed tomography, a wide variety of specimens and test objects can be examined under the effect of force for deformation and crack formation.

The tension/compression device can be integrated into conventional computed tomography systems regardless of the respective manufacturer. The device is able to introduce forces of up to approx. 15 kN, and the clamping surfaces of the specimens can be rotationally symmetrical or square-shaped. The maximum diameter at the clamping surfaces must be less than 45 mm and the length less than 150 mm. Outside of the clamping surfaces, the diameter of the specimen can be up to 150 mm.