CTportable - mobile computed tomography

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In addition to an X-ray source and a detector (see Technical data), system components include a lifting axis with a function for helical trajectories integrated into the control software (the Greek “helix” means “spiral”). The object rotates 360° while in vertical motion, which enables recordings that are free of Feldkamp artifacts (see below).

Developed at Fraunhofer EZRT, the software products Volex 6 and VolumePlayerPlus are used to control the system and to reconstruct and visualize the data. The products are compatible with other software.

Fields of application

  • Materials technology – plastics, carbon-fiber composites, light alloys, ceramics
  • Electronics – switch contacts, plug contact objects, other small electronic parts
  • Biology – insects, bone parts, other organic samples
  • Geology and archeology – rock samples
  • Pharmaceutical and medical applications – hearing aids, ceramic implants, dental fillings

Technical data


W/H/L (in mm) 300 x 230 x 350
Weight Less than 20 kg
Specimen size

Diameter*: 45 mm

Height*: 65 mm

Weight*: 250 g

Recording area Max height*: 45 mm
Helix 50 mm travel path
Magnification Max 2.7x
Radiation protection Less than 0.3 µSv/h (for full-protection device)
Radiolucent material thickness

Plastic: up to 45 mm*

Aluminium: up to 10 mm*

Connections USB, power supply 230 V/24 V**


X-ray source

Tube voltage 20-60 kV, max 50 W*
Focal spot size Less than 50 µm



Number of pixels (in px) 1,024 x 1,024
Pixel size 48 µm
Voxel size/spatial resolution at a magnification of 2.7 x 18 µm


* Values refer to standard system design. For an extra charge, higher-performance components can be installed for higher resolutions or for measuring larger or thicker test specimens.

** A battery-powered extension is in development.


Advantages and benefits

  • Compact design and low weight allow mobility and locational freedom
  • Various design options
  • User-friendly operation
  • Short measuring periods
  • Resolutions in the micrometer range
  • Isotropic resolution in all layers of volume
  • Plug and play with any standard USB port
  • Quiet operation