VOLEX 10: System control – Measurement data collection – Information acquisition

Fraunhofer EZRT develops X-ray and CT systems for a wide range of applications. The centerpiece of these systems is VOLEX 10 software. Designed for X-ray and CT applications, this universal software package is used for digital information acquisition and decision-making and can be customized for different fields of application.

VOLEX 10 for phenotyping

Detailaufnahme einer jungen Pflanze, die aus der Erde wächst
© Singkham - istockphoto.com
Close up young plant growing over green background with seed for planting

No plant species is the same as another and every measuring situation is unique. This means “off-the-shelf” solutions quickly come up against their limits. VOLEX 10 is the ideal solution for our systems: depending on the application, the X-ray system can perform circular CT or follow helical trajectories. VOLEX 10 reconstructs the recorded measurement data and provides a database connection for storing the various conditions and the acquired information. The software’s user interface can be customized to suit operator preferences. Our systems calibrate automatically and have a fully automatic measuring and evaluation mode.


VOLEX 10 for sorting and recycling applications

Diamant im Kimberlit
© Fraunhofer IIS
Dual-energy processes can be used to determine weight proportions or other physical material characteristics.

Multi-energy X-ray technology is particularly suitable for use in sorting and recycling applications. X-ray images taken at different energy levels can be used to determine, pixel by pixel, material properties such as the effective atomic number or density. In sorting and recycling systems, VOLEX 10 allows an endless stream of images to be recorded and evaluated, enabling direct decision-making and providing a direct database connection for data storage. In turn, the software can generate a pool of training data for machine learning. System calibration is fully automated and requires no user interaction. The special feature of VOLEX 10 is that it can switch directly between sorting and learning operations. If you are looking to upgrade an existing system, VOLEX 10 is also available as a sorting library.

VOLEX 10 for complex experiment control

Computerlaminographie-Anlage des Fraunhofer EZRT
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VOLEX 10 is the centerpiece of the special systems.

VOLEX 10 is the centerpiece of the special systems for laboratory environments. The software enables absolute flexibility in the control of measurement sequences. Besides multimodal control with additional sensors and actuators, it is also possible to integrate your own algorithms. To ensure reproducibility of the results, system parameterization can be carried out manually.

VOLEX 10 for high-energy/XXL CT

Ferrari in XXL-CT gescannt
XXL-CT scan of a Ferrari

Fraunhofer IIS has opened up completely new areas of application: developed in-house, its XXL computed tomography system features a linear accelerator as the X-ray source with 9 MeV and an appropriately sized X-ray camera. XXL CT can capture and analyze large and highly complex components in the meter range – even entire vehicles. VOLEX 10 can be used to manage the CT process for linear-array or area-array detectors and to process the huge volumes of data.

Licensing models

You can sign up for an annual VOLEX 10 license subscription or purchase a one-time ACADEMIC license. Naturally you can switch to a different model at any time.

Annual license Support Consulting (in hours) Software updates On-site service
Enterprise S 10 X X
Enterprise M 50 X X
Enterprise L 100 ✓ (1x a year)
Enterprise XL 100 ✓ (2x a year)
One-time license: ACADEMIC
10 X X