The ISAR monitoring software is used for the fully automated analysis of X-ray image data and is a central element in the series inspection of diverse components.

ISAR - intelligent system for automatic X-ray inspection

The ISAR monitoring software is used for the fully automated analysis of X-ray image data and is a central element in the serial inspection of various components.

In the industrial production of components, one of the greatest challenges is optimizing the production process.

For components with high quality requirements, such as light metal cast parts in the automotive sector, seamless serial inspection (in-line inspection) with X-ray technology is usually applied.

Inline X-ray inspection can not only ensure the quality of the components, it can also help improve the process so that fewer rejects are produced. Fewer rejects result in increased resource efficiency and, therefore, cost reduction.

ISAR, our software solution for fully automated in-line X-ray inspection, is a complete package that offers all of the important functions from a fully automatic analysis of X-ray images of the components with automatic defect recognition (ADR) to production monitoring.

ISAR features adaptive image-processing algorithms for a 100% in-line inspection of a wide variety of applications. ISAR combines two approaches for ADR:

  • Highly accurate, reference-based analysis for use with precise manipulation systems
  • Easily configurable, reference-free analysis for use in standard applications

In addition, ISAR has a series of modules that allow it to be adapted perfectly to the particular task and existing infrastructure. The focus here is a seamless integration of the inspection into the overall production process.

Specially processed inspection results are sent to the production area in real time so that trends can be tracked and the production process continually optimized with the objective of minimizing rejects. Easy integration with existing production data acquisition systems is therefore a standard feature.



Application areas

Automatic X-ray inspection of:

  • Light alloy wheels
  • Cast aluminum chassis parts
  • Welding seams
  • Plastic parts


  • Image analysis based on reference images or reference-free
  • Dynamic reference image generation, adapted to the production process
  • Measurement of the area and depth extension in the beam direction
  • Application of advanced classification algorithms for differentiating between cast and pseudo defects

Advantages and benefits

  • Easy to configure without interrupting automatic system operation
  • Several systems can be managed from a central PC work station
  • Inspection results are sent to the production area in a direct feedback loop
  • Statistical analysis of the inspection results and integration with production data acquisition systems
  • Can be integrated into existing systems