The internationally patented TireChecker system is consisting of one or several laser light-sectioning sensors and a specialized PC based evaluation software enabling geometry measurements at high velocities. The software can acquire bumps, lateral contractions and radial and axial runouts with high speed and reliability. By using line lasers the measuring of tires becomes possible also on complex surfaces like letterings or symbols. Thus, the extension of bumps and lateral contractions can be determined in all three dimensions.

In light-sectioning a light-section is projected onto the surface of a tire and monitored by a specialized camera under an angle from the projection direction. From the course of the light section a height profile is generated. By rotating the tire within one second thousands of height profiles of the surface are recorded.

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TireChecker allows complete geometry measurements at high speed

Tailor-made solutions

Our strength is due to our flexibility: in close cooperation with the customer we are developing solutions for individual requirements. For machine manufacturers we are offering the adaption of the entire measuring system to the tire inspection system as well as the reproduction of the system under license. Sensors and software can be adapted to individual and specialized tasks if required. In cooperation with our partners even entire testing systems for new measurement tasks can be realized.

Due to our long-time experience in sensorics and image processing we are capable of directly applying latest research for industrial purposes and thus transferring latest technologies to application. The continuous system development enables TireChecker to remain the optimal measuring system for tire geometry.

Performance features

  • Cycle times below one second
  • Precise geometry and bump measurement on one or both side walls and optionally tread
  • Measurement tracks can be set up individually for each tire
  • Bump measurements also on structured surfaces and letterings
  • No reference data acquisition necessary
  • Can be flexibly adapted to various inspection systems
  • Offline evaluation of saved data possible
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Buldge detection without influence of lettering

TireChecker Sensors

Customized sensors for in-line tire geometry inspection.


TireChecker - Software

The TireChecker software is a software package for the operation, processing and evaluation of data from our TireChecker sensor technology for in-line tire geometry inspection.