VOLEX retrofit package

Modernisiertes Röntgensystem der Ariane Group
© Ariane Group
Ariane Group had an X-ray system from the late 1980s that was upgraded with a retrofit solution.

The Fraunhofer Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT offers a retrofit service for industrial X-ray systems to transform existing but outdated equipment into high-performance CT or DR systems for industrial applications.

Many companies, research institutes and museums shelve their existing systems because they assume the equipment is no longer fit for today’s examinations or that its components are defective. It is often the case that only a few steps are required to give an existing system a new lease on life. But in many cases, upgrading the machines has so far not been possible or worth the investment due to a whole host of reasons; for example, the hardware components are no longer available on the market.

With the VOLEX retrofit package, Fraunhofer EZRT offers a unique, robust and thus long-term solution for such cases.

It is based on the VOLEX measurement data collection and reconstruction software, which has been continuously developed and refined for many years and supports a wide range of hardware components.

Most of the individual components are often still in good condition and can be used accordingly: in addition to the often expensive radiation protection cabin, the manipulation system can usually be reused with only minor adjustments. But for these systems to carry out measurements to today’s state-of-the-art quality standard, the best course of action is usually to replace the detector and, if necessary, the X-ray source.

The package offers the full range of recording and reconstruction techniques. In addition to standard processes such as conventional axial CT or helical trajectories for exact measurements, VOLEX also supports imaging techniques for large components, for example, and the use of industrial robots for automation.