Dual energy methods

Dual energy techniques are well-established in medical applications. Applying latest developments of Fraunhofer EZRT entirely new fields of application or the enhancement of existing applications become possible. Thus, in contrast to conventional X-ray techniques, quantitative information about e.g. density, mass percentages or other characteristics becomes available.

Dual energy techniques are employing the fact that the attenuation coefficient of a material is different for individual materials. This means that from energy resolving („spectral“) measurements the input data for a quantitative determination of material properties can be obtained.

In practice, this energy resolving measurement is usually conducted by acquiring two X-ray images using different X-ray spectra. Alternatively, a special dual energy detector can be applied. Due to its setup with two different energy channels only one measurement has to be conducted.

Advantages and customer value

  • Mapping and quantification of distribution of various materials within the test object
  • Usable both for radiographic imaging (2D) as well as x-ray computer tomography (3D)
  • Higher contrast on materials with similar or very different weakening co-efficient
  • Correction of beam-hardening artifacts possible.