MR Safety

We are performing MR compatibility and safety tests on active and passive implants and on MR units and equipment to help ensure users’ and patients’ safety. Drawing on our expertise in this area, we support research and development work for the next generation of MR-safe medical devices.

MR examinations are growing in popularity. In addition to developing innovative MR devices and methods, we give top priority to medical-staff and patient safety.

Our research work helps ensure that patients and users of the equipment face no risks. It is important, for example, to use only correctly labeled equipment in the MR room. If the patient has any existing implants, it is also important to know how these will affect imaging, or if they mean the patient should not undergo MR examinations at all.

Our goal is for all patients to benefit from this key technology in the future – even those whose implants are not compatible with it today.

Areas of application

  • Collaboration on safety standards (FDA)
  • Development of new inspection methods
  • R&D for active and passive implants
  • R&D for MR-compatible medical devices and equipment

Advantages and customer value

  • R&D consulting
  • Patient safety
  • Safety of personnel
  • Approval tests
  • FDA compliance
  • Education and training