MR Safety

The number of MR examinations performed is constantly increasing. In addition to the development of novel MR devices, implants and procedures, the safety of personnel and patients is a top priority for us.   

Through MR compatibility and safety tests on active and passive implants and on MR-relevant devices and accessories, we contribute to the safety of users and patients. Through our expertise in this field, we support research and development work on the next generation of MR-safe medical devices.

Figure 1: MR Safety traffic light depiction with associated symbols for labeling.

With our own research, we help ensure that neither patients nor users are exposed to risk. We provide support in both design and testing of individual components. For example, it is important to ensure that only tested and approved equipment is used in the MR examination room. It is also important to know what effects the implants present in the patient have on the measurement itself, or whether the patient must be completely excluded from MR examinations due to his implants.

Furthermore, it is our ambition that in the future all patients - even those with currently incompatible implants - will be able to benefit from this important technology.

Fields of application

  • Development of new test methods
  • R&D active and passive implants
  • R&D MR-compatible medical devices
  • R&D MR-compatible accessories