Nondestructive MR on biomaterials

Magnetic resonance allows far-reaching insight into the large field of biomaterials, ranging from individual cell labeling and functional analyses in tissue engineering all the way to phenotyping. Our expertise covers a wide range of methodologies for these applications, including conventional MR imaging on high- and ultrahigh-field equipment and specific methods for the small tabletop devices we use in laboratories.

In molecular and cellular MR, special contrast agents are used to further enhance the system sensitivity and resolution. In cooperation with our partners, we are developing a new generation of contrast agents.

Areas of application

  • MR imaging and spectroscopy
  • Function testing and characterization in tissue engineering
  • Monitoring of biological implants
  • Phenotyping
  • Quality assurance and process control
  • MR sequence development and data analysis
  • Customer-specific adjustments (software, hardware)

Advantages and customer value

  • Nondestructive localization and monitoring of biomaterials
  • Analysis of cell and biomaterial vitality
  • Distribution and dynamics of water and gases
  • Chemical composition: e.g. of water, sugar and fat content
  • Insights into structure, pore size and pore distribution
  • Information on density and concentration
  • Analysis of flow, flow behavior, diffusion and viscosity
  • Production of mobile and miniaturized units and components