Automated X-rays

23.6.2017 | The ValuCT system provides X-ray images at the push of a button

Intuitive and easy to use: ValuCT

Program modes have long been a familiar feature in photography, but this has not been the case with X-rays so far. Instead, X-ray technicians have had to manually select parameters such as current, voltage and exposure time. ValuCT now simplifies this process: at the push of a button, users can access preset programs – for instance for plastic or aluminum components – that are ideally suited for the test object and help achieve the desired result.


Hint: starting the video will submit data to youtube.

Success through cooperation

ValuCT was developed in collaboration with the American company VJ Technologies. The basic model will target customers primarily in Asia. A premium version with extended functionality will be available in the European and American market. It will be sold through the company Erhardt + Abt Automatisierungstechnik GmbH.

What made this collaboration a success was how the partners were able to complement each other’s expertise: Fraunhofer delivered the software that controls the X-ray hardware and carries out the evaluation as well as the computer tomography and X-ray technology know-how; VJ Technologies provides market access while Erhardt + Abt offers mechanical engineering competence.


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