Step Inside, Feel the Future: Welcome to our Tech Home at CES 2024

We are thrilled to welcome you to our Tech Home at booth #15726, where we will showcase our latest innovations. In each room of our home of technology, you'll have the chance to discover different applications of our innovations.

This year, we also invite you to our Exhibit Suite 35-204 at the Venetian Tower, where we created a real-life experience of our latest Fraunhofer upHear technology to wow you with an insight into what your smart devices might soon be capable of!

Take a tour of our house – from the living room to the office and hobby room and into our garden. Find out how our technologies upHear, Cingo, xHE-AAC,  LC3/LC3plus, and MPEG-H Audio not only provide you with exceptional entertainment moments but can also improve your productivity in your day-to-day work. Meet us at booth #15726 to take a tour.