Innovation lab named »place of excellence«

© Deutschland - Land der Ideen/Bernd Brundert
Project manager Dr. Frank Danzinger at the award ceremony for the “Places of Excellence in the Land of Ideas” competition.

JOSEPHS wins 2017 “Places of Excellence in the Land of Ideas” competition.

»Fresh thinking to allow new ideas to flow« — this is the motto behind the 2017 »Places of Excellence in the Land of Ideas« competition. And it was under this motto that the open innovation lab JOSEPHS was named one of the top one hundred projects of some 1,000 applicants. In downtown Nürnberg, walk-in customers can get actively involved in the development and advancement of ongoing innovation concepts such as new services, products, and business models created by established enterprises and start-up companies. To quote the jury, by utilizing the potential of this open setting, JOSEPHS is making »an outstanding contribution towards Germany’s innovative strength and future viability.« The task of selecting the winners was done by an independent jury comprising researchers, business managers, journalists, and politicians that was headed by Professor Michael Hüther, Director and Member of the Presidium at the German Economic Institute in Cologne.

Open Innovation Lab JOSEPHS is free of charge and open Monday through Saturday. Since its launch in 2014, more than 37,000 co-creators have been actively involved in innovation projects. JOSEPHS holds more than 250 events a year.