New Fraunhofer IIS location in Passau

© Universität Passau
The man to whom the Fraunhofer Society owes its name, Bavaria-born Joseph von Fraunhofer (right) was also there at the opening.

New research group for knowledge-based image processing at the University of Passau.

Our development center in Fürth and the Institute of Software Systems in Technical Applications of Computer Science of the University of Passau (FORWISS) have formed professional and personal ties to conduct research in the area of knowledge-based image processing. Head of the new research group is the Chair of Digital Image Processing of the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics and head of FORWISS, Professor Tomas Sauer. The main research aim is to employ various non-destructive sensor-based testing methods to extract any digital information that allows for process monitoring and control. The outcome is increasingly complex quantities of data that often can no longer be processed using standard digital image processing methods. Consequently, one of the primary aims here is to develop image processing strategies and operators with new, intelligent approaches along the lines of machine learning or deep learning. The partnership includes cooperation on individual teaching and research tasks, the implementation of joint projects and events, and the shared use of equipment and infrastructure. The new research group in Passau is Fraunhofer IIS’ 14th location in Germany.