JPEG XS - video codec for TV production

Low-complexity codec enables real-time transmission of videos up to 8K via Ethernet.

A key trend in video production is the adoption of increasingly high-resolution formats such as 4K (UHD-1) or 8K (UHD-2), which also offer wide dynamic range. The result is a massive increase in the volume of image data for transmission. Furthermore, consumers want to use cost-effective standard Ethernet infrastructure rather than dedicated cabling such as SDI. For applications in film, TV, and video, there is a need for a new codec to enable low-latency, real-time transmission of these huge video streams, which require capacities of 3 to 40 GBit/s.

The new codec is aimed at applications in TV production environments, local video networks, KVM extenders, connections for virtual and augmented reality applications, and internal display connections. To this end, we are collaborating with partners on the development of a new video codec. Specifications for the codec were compiled in JPEG to safeguard resolution, bit depth, color space, platforms, and robust transmission across several generations of devices. The key focus of JPEG XS – the name chosen for the new format – is specifically on 4K and 8K productions with high data rates.

The leading candidates for the new codec were selected from proposals submitted by a wide range of technology companies. The first model implementations of JPEG XS will be released in spring of 2018.