Room-specific indoor positioning of mobile objects

© Fraunhofer IIS/Kurt Fuchs
RFicient ultralow power wireless receiver for locating objects in warehouse buildings.

With RFicient®, the position of valuable items can be determined without elaborate infrastructure.

Based on the RFicient power-saving wireless receiver technology, we have developed an efficient positioning system for moving objects in indoor environments that allows the position of valuable items to be determined at the push of a button. The system is made up of a small number of radio beacons, which emit radio signals containing position information, in combination with power-saving wireless receivers that are attached to the objects. This system allows the objects to detect their current location independently and store it locally.

Geofencing applications, e.g., when objects leave or enter secure areas without authorization, can now be implemented without elaborate infrastructure and with very low latency. The positioning system can be expanded to any number of objects and radio beacons and is therefore also suitable for the energy-efficient positioning of objects in warehouse buildings. The extremely low-power RFicient wireless receiver can receive radiotelegrams on three license-free frequency bands at the same time and independently of one another. At just 3.3 μA, the current consumption is three orders of magnitude lower than in conventional wireless receivers. As a result, even worldwide mobile applications, such as container tracking, can be achieved without manual frequency switching. Years of maintenance-free operation are possible with very small batteries, as well as solar cells or energy harvesting.