Im Mai 2018 wurden die Ergebnisse aus dem Projekt ORPHEUS in München präsentiert.

Customizing radio broadcasts

The EU’s “ORPHEUS” project provides tools and applications for object-based media production

Object-based media is an advanced approach for creating and deploying interactive, personalised, scalable and immersive content. Key tools and apps for implementing object-based media for audio content have been developed by ORPHEUS, an EU-funded research project performed by ten major European media industry players.

Examples are the adaptation of the dialogue level, the flexible playback on any end device or the variable length of a program. In addition, this technology can be used both for live broadcasts via various distribution channels and for on-demand offerings. To this end, the media objects are joined together in a novel way that allows them to be adapted to the needs of users, the acoustic environment and the device platform.

In 30 months of project duration, the consortium ran two successful pilots to demonstrate the key features and benefits of object-based broadcasting, including immersive sound, foreground/background control, language selection, and enhanced programme services. Pilot 1 was the first ever live object-based interactive radio drama, and was produced using the BBC’s IP Studio platform. Pilot 2 premiered the introduction of variable-length functionality for audio. These pilots have proven the advantages of object-based media as a universal, innovative approach for media production and its applicability in real-world broadcast environments.

An evaluation version of the ORPHEUS app for iOS, which demonstrates the project achievements using the pilot productions made by BBC and BR, is available upon registration from the project website. These productions show the advantages of object- based audio in a broad range of radio formats, including live football report, documentary, radio drama and music.