Mastering complexity with cognitive technology

Designing more efficient workflows and processes for the industry

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IoT-Comms provides prompt recommendations for action to the relevant personnel.

Through the Cluster of Excellence for Cognitive Internet Technologies, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is promoting the development of cognitive Internet technologies for a “new Internet for industry.” Cognitive sensor technology solutions, data sovereignty, data economy concepts, and new machine learning methods are making workflows and processes more efficient in the domains of industry, manufacturing, logistics and mobility. Machinery and equipment, workpieces and cargo goods can be reliably identified, located and continuously tracked.

The IoT-Comms project is all about the use of cognitive sensor technologies and secure transmission in logistics applications. Positioning technologies and edge analytics precisely record data in real time and then forward it. In addition, sensor-based analysis makes it possible to promptly transmit recommendations for action to the personnel concerned. When transporting a highly sensitive medical device, for example, this solution can detect during transportation whether an item has been damaged redundant, or is so badly impaired that local repair teams should be dispatched on site, or even whether a brand new piece has to be sent out. New cognitive technologies make it possible to master these complex relationships in supply chains and offer transparency and trustworthiness of data and data analysis.