3D CT scan of a peruvian mummy

»Big Picture« research project points the way in handling large volumes of data

In the context of the research project »Big Picture«, we used 3D computed tomography (CT) to examine a mummy dating back to the period between the 11th and 15th century AD. from the collection of the Linden Museum in Stuttgart. The central focus of this project is on high-accuracy digital scanning of three-dimensional objects. The scan was an opportunity
to demonstrate the progress of our research efforts since the project began in February 2018.

Before the scan, very little was known about the mummy aside from its geographical origin and approximate age. Thanks to the 3D CT data, numerous burial gifts were identified, including a corncob in the head area. Until recently, high-resolution datasets such as those resulting from the mummy scan could only be viewed using very expensive and powerful industrial computers. However, thanks to newly developed software, the high-resolution dataset can now be viewed with a standard off-the-shelf notebook.

In the course of earlier research and industry projects, several reference applications offering considerable economic benefits were identified. In terms of content, the Big Picture project was designed with a particular focus on the needs of our industry partners in Bavaria.