Helping the digital transformation take off

Development of holistic IoT solutions at LabCampus in collaboration with Munich Airport

In 2019, Fraunhofer IIS embarked on a five-year cooperation agreement with Flughafen München GmbH, the operator of Munich Airport, in relation to LabCampus. Covering a total area of 500,000 square meters, LabCampus at Munich Airport was conceived as a hub for new, smart forms of collaboration that transcend boundaries between companies and sectors. The project will see the creation of an innovative, urban, and seamlessly interconnected environment where various stakeholders – innovators and knowledge carriers, SMEs and global players, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and investors – can pool and unlock their future potential. In a single location offering state-of-the-art amenities, companies and individuals will collaborate on the development of pioneering and interdisciplinary product and service ideas and test them directly on site.

From the outset, LabCampus has collaborated with leading innovation partners, renowned institutions, and research entities – including Fraunhofer IIS – on the development of this platform for cooperation and innovation. As part of this cross-sectoral collaboration, we are working with Munich Airport under the project management of our Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS to implement IoT-based and data-driven innovation projects at every stage of the IoT value chain.

In 2019, projects were developed in relation to four use cases:

  • Infrastructure: construction of an IoT network based on MIOTY® technology (Chair of Information Technologies with a Focus on Communication Electronics LIKE, Posi- tioning and Networks division, Communication Systems division)
  • Asset management: development of IoT-based services for load carriers (SCS)
  • Analytics: establishment of data-driven services – e.g., for the uses cases of building and fleet management (Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS, SCS)
  • Training: pooling of insights within application-oriented training opportunities (SCS)

All activities as part of the collaboration are intended to help establish LabCampus and Munich Airport as key locations for digital innovation in Bavaria and to further stimulate the digital transformation in the region. This entails working with our cooperation partner to develop innovative, data-driven services under real-life conditions and to set up and support a complex IoT ecosystem. To this end, we are leveraging our expertise in relation to IoT, cognitive sensor technologies, data analytics, and business model development across multiple divisions in order to provide LabCampus and Munich Airport with holistic, technology-based support.