Trilum smart warehouse picking system

Mobile pick-by-light systems based on s-net® networking technology are now commercially available

Under the brand name TRILUM, we have developed a wireless pick-by-light system for warehouse picking and assembly processes – and especially for flexible, temporary, and mobile storage structures. The system is easy to adapt and is therefore ideally suited to environments where storage bins, removal compartments, and shelves are redesigned or changed often – for example, in picking, assembly, and distribution processes. TRILUM uses LED light signals to guide staff to the correct storage bin, where they then save time by viewing crucial information such as the removal quantity on a convenient e-paper display. The removal of goods is confirmed quickly and easily at the touch of a button – providing a fully automatic and paperless method of feeding information back to the warehouse management system.

System components are wirelessly connected to our power-saving s-net® networking technology, allowing battery-operated and mobile applications of the TRILUM shelf displays. The system has been commercially available via our partner AST-X since fall 2019.