Artificial intelligence in digital signal processing

Fraunhofer IIS combines digital signal processing with artificial intelligence in a center for consulting and licensing and for creating special customized solutions


Today’s consumer electronics, automotive technology, telecommunications and intelligent assistance systems would be inconceivable without digital signal processing. Now we are taking the logical next step by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to advance these fields of application even further. This will allow us to find solutions for problems in our core competence domains that would not be obtainable through purely digital signal processing. In view of the general significance of signal processing and AI across various applications, it is essential for Bavarian companies to be able to access excellent basic technologies for their products.

To ensure that they can, Fraunhofer IIS’ Center for Digital Signal Processing using Artificial Intelligence (DSAI), brings together all relevant knowledge under one roof. The DSAI adresses the three commercially significant topic areas in which Fraunhofer IIS has its core competencies: computer vision, voice signal processing and signal processing for data transmission.