All ears for upHear again in 2020

© Fraunhofer IIS / Manuela Wamser
The new Mevo Start streaming camera delivers the best possible audio quality in its recordings thanks to Fraunhofer upHear Spatial Audio Microphone Processing.

Streaming camera and smart speaker featuring upHear microphone technologies


Fraunhofer’s upHear signal processing solutions significantly improve the quality of sound recording and playback from both professional and consumer devices. The new Mevo Start streaming camera incorporates Fraunhofer IIS upHear Spatial Audio Microphone Processing technology to ensure it delivers top-quality audio recordings. For interviews and livestreaming from home, upHear enables the camera, set to voice mode, to extract the desired voice recording, while suppressing other noises to ensure good intelligibility at all times. In concert mode, the camera can capture immersive audio experiences at live events – even with its very compact microphone arrangement.


© Group
Fraunhofer upHear VQE’s full-duplex communication functionalities ensure the best possible audio quality for voice calls using’s Capsula smart speaker. Group, a major Russian online services provider, has equipped its first smart speaker, Capsula (Капсула ), with Fraunhofer upHear Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE). The technology optimizes the microphone signals picked up by the device’s microphone array and, in smart assistant mode, provides a clean speech signal to the voice assistant Marusia (Маруся ). In communication mode, the full-duplex communication functionalities of upHear VQE ensure the best possible audio quality for voice calls.