Fraunhofer IIS has developed algorithms for multi-camera content processing and implemented them in a Plug-in suite for light-field post-production. The Plug-in suite comes with several scripts and nodes that enable the creation of disparity maps from multi-camera footage. These disparity maps can be used in compositing to simplify grading or more advanced effects like virtual camera movements or synthetic defocus.

If you would like to know more about light-field technology, please check the following link:

Realception® Plug-in suite for Foundry´s Nuke

Fraunhofer IIS provides a set of post-processing tools to work with light-field data input in the professional Nuke environment for post-production.

Screenshot Nuke Cleopatra

Realception® is based on process picture data from light-field or multi camera array recordings. The outcome is a so called disparity map – a description of the distance of two corresponding points in adjacent images. Having this profound understanding of the captured scene opens all kind of new opportunities manipulating images in a post process like the generation of depth maps.

The algorithms developed by Fraunhofer offer a wide range of editing features such as:

  • Applicable for mono, stereo and VR content
  • Generation of depth maps for the creation of unseen VFX
  • Optimized algorithms for multicamera light-field post-production
  • Selection of position, orientation and focus point
  • Depth-based color grading
  • Creation of 6DoF live-action content for Virtual and Mixed Reality
  • Point-cloud generation
  • Re-lighting of objects within scenes

The Plug-in suite is available for professional pilot users on request.

Realception® Tutorial "Rectification"

This video explains the rectification process based on the Realception® plug-ins. It shows how the vertical and horizontal alignment of the footage can be achieved. That forms the basis for further disparity estimation and computational imaging.

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