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Modern Medicine

Monitoring of important or critical logistic processes

When ordering important medicines, it is vital for the responsible personnel to know when the medicine arrives and what transport conditions it was subjected to. This applies even more so to organs that are being transported for transplantation, where strict attention must be paid to ensure that the cold chain is not interrupted or that a certain temperature is maintained. This is also important for time-critical tissue samples, where an operation is interrupted for the duration of transport and analysis, but the patient's anaesthesia must be maintained.

With 5G, mobile condition and position monitoring is conceivable for important drug and tissue samples or when transporting vital organs or blood preserves, so that the responsible personnel know exactly when an important drug or organ or blood preserves arrive at the ward and whether they have been transported improperly. Appropriate sensors can be attached to measure temperature or force, the data from which are also transmitted via the 5G network. This creates greater transparency and can contribute to more efficient patient care and more reliable planning of organ translants. The transport with drones of e.g. tissue samples can shorten the time of interruption of an operation and thus reduce the strain on the patient's body caused by a longer anaesthesia.