Radio-based Positioning at Fraunhofer IIS

LOKii Positioning Platform

At a glance

Radio-based positioning is one of the core competencies of Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS. The position calculation technology behind the majority of our positioning products is based on the continuously enhanced software framework LOKii. Its open interface is flexible and can communicate and cooperate with various positioning systems and applications. Sensor data fusion allows for the concurrent utilization and fusion of various positioning raw data. LOKii is the corner stone of a great number of Fraunhofer positioning solutions. Due to its modular architecture, LOKii is individually expandable to full-system size.

Technical description

The LOKii framework is a collection of especially adapted software libraries. The algorithmic applied is able to efficiently merge raw data of various positioning systems. Systems that can be connected include angle of arrival and travel time measurement and in the future also inertial sensor technology.

The number of transmitters, size of the infrastructure and measuring rates are flexible and scalable and can be adjusted to the available computing capacity. The processing load is distributed via IP network across several nodes.

LOKii collects the measured raw data and filters them to provide the analyzed data for use in graphical user interfaces, camera control software, data banks or event detection systems. The basic user interface allows the simulation of sensor and positioning data to construct events and to test applications without the hardware environment.

LOKii can be used for any application where positioning-system generated raw data are processed and used for location-based services. Primary areas are logistics, safety, driver assistance, mobility and media. The LOKii software libraries are the foundation for the analysis, computation and processing of the collected data.


LocON: Lokii Positioning Platform in use for Security at huge Infrastructures

Application of the Lokii Positioning Platform in Automotive:

Driver Assistance Systems


In combination with the Fraunhofer IIS positioning systems and their application modules like camera control and graphical user interface, LOKii is a core component for modular, tailor-made solutions. The connection of LOKii to Fraunhofer positioning systems has already been implemented and an adaption to external systems is easy due to its open structure. Fraunhofer implements and develops new applications and provides support during the early stages of operation and configuration.

LOKii is already being used in the project LocON, a special positioning platform for airports, and is the underlying computation technology for numerous other developments.