Automation and digitalization in agriculture and automotive industries rely on highly accurate and reliable localization. For this, continuous and accurate GNSS position data in real time are essential for spatial reference. Especially outside of urban infrastructures, this correction data is not available area-wide due to radio holes.


For this reason, SSRoverDAB+ transmits area correction parameters for the whole of Germany via DAB+.

Project goals

  • Generate a PPP RTK correction data stream in an open data format with optimized bandwidth from an existing GNSS reference station network
  • Development and adaptation of algorithms for precise PPP-RTK real-time positioning and for sensor data fusion
  • Realization of reliable DAB+ data transmission
  • Application of the A10 RTK sensor as a development and demonstration platform to test the solution


  • PPP RTK corrections were received over DAB+ transmissions to provide precise GNSS positioning
  • A DAB+ receiver module was developed and tested to achieve optimal mobile DAB+ reception
  • An algorithm was developed to transform positions from the roof to the wheel of an agricultural machine
  • Practical field tests on agricultural machines in Bavaria showed a successful positioning accuracy of 1-2 cm.