s-net® Smart Containers

Autonomous self-organizing processes

As part of digitized value creation, physical objects are integrated into the virtual world, meaning that they can be included in the planning and control of production. With context-aware smart containers and decentralized application logic, Fraunhofer is able to create autonomous self-organizing processes., optimizing the business correlations of digitized production. This production means a completely new type of production logistics; the smart containers are uniquely identifiable and locatable, they communicate with their environment, and they carry their own production data around with them. The application cases that are being focused on include both the unique recording of goods receipt and dispatch data without an RFID basis and the detection, monitoring, and localization of containers and their content.

With the development of a modular expandable complete system with a 100% scan rate and movement mapping – without any additional manual or infrastructure effort – comes the creation of a cross-company, low-maintenance, robust, flexible, and cheap system.


Digitized container management with CPS

While conventional solutions have fixed infrastructures along the value creation chain, the solutions from Fraunhofer IIS are highly flexible and offer significant advantages for practical applications. Even within critical processes with expensive and sensitive containers and content, the system can be monitored and transparently represented at any time by means of simple-to-expand localization, networking, and identification technologies, without any adjustments needing to be made to the infrastructure. Thus, digitized container management with CPS offers new services and business processes that do not require manual support.