CharaMag - multi sensor system for characterization of permanent magnets

Current Problem

During the mass production of magnets, tolerances and errors can occur with regard to their technical specification. For example, in case of magnetic field-based sensors, defective magnets lead to measurement errors or reduced performance in permanently excited electric drives.
In magnetic field-based position sensors, the position of the magnet is determined using a precisely defined magnetic field curve. If the magnet has errors in magnetization due to production, this negatively affects the achievable accuracy of the position determination. In the application case of highly efficient electric drives, even small parameter deviations of individual magnets lead to a fluctuating torque curve and thus to unsteady running behavior and finally to reduced lifetime. These advanced application examples show the importance of knowing the properties of the magnets used.

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Description of the technology

The CharaMag multi sensor system enables the characterization of permanent magnets. In a single work step, both the three-dimensional shape and position of the magnet and its spatial field distribution can be precisely determined.

The magnetic and geometric measurements are referenced to the same framework. This allows a detailed investigation of the deviations from the target values, and also their consideration when using the magnet within the application.

Features of the technology

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Fields of application

In all sensor applications where permanent magnets are used, it is important to know their geometric shape and the expression of the magnetic field in order to perform a preselection or to be able to specify the achievable parameters of the overall system. Some important application fields of CharaMag are:

  • Calibration of magnets in position sensor systems
  • Increasing the efficiency and improving the lifetime of electric drives
  • Optimization and control of the production process of permanent magnets
  • Incoming inspection in the production of magnetic field based sensor applications
© Fraunhofer IIS/ Philip Beran

What exactly do we offer?

We support you in the development of your own project-specific solution for magnetic characterization. In addition to our know-how in the field of magnetic field sensor technology, we can provide you with reference implementations of firmware and hardware. A comprehensive software library for the evaluation of the measurement data completes our offer. Thus, you can use the CharaMag technology quickly and simply for your purposes.

  • Technology for the complete characterization of permanent magnets
  • Functional technology demonstrator
  • Support for development and production
  • Algorithmics for the evaluation of measurement data