Intelligent Sensor Technology for Gases and Odors

Gases and odors can be used to detect different kinds of deviations in everyday life. Be it a leakage in an industrial environment or spoiled food in the refrigerator. For this reason, gas sensor technology has become a proven means of automated monitoring in many areas – cost-effective monitoring around the clock.

DSP – Application Areas

Our Offer – Demand-Oriented Gas Sensor System Development

The range of available gas sensors is expanding at a rapid pace, making the selection process increasingly challenging. The challenge lies in examining the wide range of sensors in terms of their characteristics, such as cross-sensitivity, power consumption, form factor, recovery times, and many other factors. This examination is necessary to determine which sensor or selection of sensors is suitable for a particular application.
Therefore, careful sensor selection, a multi-gas approach, and AI optimization are crucial on the way to better measurement quality and the development of new applications.

As an independent research institute, we are open to different sensor technologies, have a broad network and years of experience in customized developments.

Selection & Evaluation of the Gas Sensor Technology

Independent consulting on selection, combination and AI optimization of commercially available sensors.

Development of the Multigas Sensor Technology

Custom development of a compact modular multi-gas sensor for specific applications.

Laboratory Infrastructure & Know-How

Measurement concepts, test measurements and recording of optical fingerprints for customer-specific problems.



Demonstrator construction

Construction of an environmental monitoring station

Demonstrator for measuring the environmental gases SO2, NO2, CO, and O3 as well as the particulate matter values PM1, PM2.5, and PM10



PINOT Project

AI in the Wine Industry

The aim of the PINOT project is to research and implement sensor-based AI systems that are to be used in the entire value chain of wine, i.e. from cultivation to sale to customers.



AI-based gas analysis deciphers coffee aromas

Experts explain in an interview how the smell of coffee can be measured.