To increase sustainability and protect the environment, more plastic must be recycled. For this, sufficient odor neutralization in the recycling process is crucial because high-quality products can only be manufactured from odor-neutral plastic granulate. Automate your processes with sensor-based odor monitoring.

Odor Monitoring in the Recycling Process

  • Higher-quality plastic recyclate through demand-oriented odor neutralization
  • Higher efficiency through optimal use of time and energy resources for the defined target quality
  • Higher margins due to the increased supply of high-quality plastic granulate

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Selection & Evaluation of the Gas Sensor Technology

Independent consulting on selection, combination and AI optimization of commercially available sensors.


Development of Multigas Sensor Technology

Custom development of a compact modular multi-gas sensor for specific applications.



Laboratory Infrastructure & Know-How

Measurement concepts, test measurements and recording of optical fingerprints for customer-specific problems