Equipment I - Projects of self-built equipment and equipment developed in cooperation

Magnetic Particle Spectroscopy (MPS)

  • Characterization of magnetic particles
  • Marking of materials and objects
  • Characterization of welds
  • IDcycLIB
Figure 1: Fraunhofer MPS device with wired dual handheld sensor for surfaces and vials.


  • Plastic identification
  • Plastic characterization
  • Material specific fingerprints
  • Batch control
  • Calibrated crosslinking degree measurements
  • Plastic aging / material alterations
  • Adhesion behavior (monitoring)
Figure 2: Fraunhofer Polymer Profiler in cooperation with Pure Devices GmbH.

Single-Sided Magnet

  • Plastic identification
  • Plastic characterization
  • Material-specific fingerprints
  • Adhesive behavior (monitoring)
Figure 3: MR transmitter and receiver unit from Pure Devices GmbH.

Surface scanner

  • Layer thickness measurement of polymers
  • Plastic characterization
  • Adhesive behavior (monitoring)
Figure 4: Fraunhofer MR surface scanner.

Hand MRI

  • Hardware development
  • Sequence development
Figure 5: Fraunhofer Hand MRI.