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Location Deggendorf

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The Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT is a division of the Fraunhofer IIS. We work closely with the Fraunhofer IZFP to develop non-destructive testing processes that make it possible to examine objects for flaws and defects without impacting their functionality.

We are organized into different departments that offer custom solutions ranging from optical 3D measurement systems and industrial X-ray cameras to turnkey x-ray systems for various levels of industrial production. We also perform structure and process analyses in this field of research.

Locations of the Fraunhofer Center X-ray Technology EZRT

Fraunhofer Application Center for CT in Metrology in Deggendorf (CTMT)

The Fraunhofer Application Center for CT in Metrology at Deggendorf University is one of the pioneers in Germany in the field of industrial X-ray computed tomography.

Location Fürth

Fürth is where the »Application-specific Methods and Systems«, »Contactless Measurement and Inspection Systems« and »Production Monitoring« departments work closely together to carry out the EZRT's research and development activities. With our unique know-how in the field of non-destructive testing, we are in a position to find a solution for nearly any issue.

Nano X-ray Systems for Material Characterization (NCTS) project group in Würzburg

The NCTS conducts research into new 3D x-ray imaging processes for the markets of the future. This group, which is part of the Fraunhofer Development Center for X-ray Technology EZRT, is located on the Hubland Nord campus (Josef-Martin Weg 63) of the Julius-Maximilians University in Würzburg and is affiliated with the Chair for X-Ray Microscopy LRM headed by Prof. Randolf Hanke.

EZRT at Fraunhofer IZFP in Saarbrücken


Magnetic Resonance and X-Ray Department

The department is part of the institute’s Development Center X-ray Technology and is located on the Hubland Süd campus of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität in Würzburg, Germany. Our expertise covers the use of magnetic resonance in the fields of biosciences, materials research, nondestructive testing, as well as new technologies. Due to our comprehensive expertise, we carry out modern research and development in biomedical and industrial applications using bespoke acquisition and analysis methods, also using highly specific hardware developed in-house. In conjunction with complementary X-ray imaging, we carry out research into new nondestructive testing methods that provide volumetric images and also their use with biomaterials.


Apart from collaborating with various Fraunhofer institutes, Fraunhofer EZRT maintains close relationships with various universities and other academic and research institutes.