The perfect ski boot – 3D foot scanner gives model and size recommendations

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, the start-up mifitto has developed a measuring station that is capable of measuring, analyzing and visualizing feet and legs in under 20 seconds. One of the fastest systems on the market, the 3D foot scanner senses and measures both legs, including the calves, at the same time. The goal is to provide sportspeople with recommendations for the perfect shoe by comparing the measurements for their feet to the product measurement data. The concept draws on a comprehensive product database that holds all relevant data. And Fraunhofer expertise plays a role here, too: a rapid measuring system measures up to 10,000 pairs every day, supplying the extensive database.

The matching technique is particularly suitable for competitive skiers. In this sport, having boots that fit perfectly not only substantially enhances performance, but improves safety, too. In addition, the system considers individual skill levels and the type of skiing practiced – e.g. Alpine skiing, freeskiing, racing.

Next, taking into account the sportsperson’s weight, the measuring station recommends up to four models that are optimal fits and possess a suitable degree of flexibility. The sales advisor can then get the recommended models for the sportsperson to try on. As a result, the often time-consuming search for the right size and fit is almost entirely eliminated. Moreover, the customer has the reassuring certainty that the selected footwear is a perfect fit for him or her. Every user can choose whether or not to have their measurement data saved.

In addition, mifitto offers custom boot-fitting: There are sportspeople, for example, whose feet will not fit in any off-the-shelf shoe because their toes are misaligned. In such cases, customization is essential. Here, the system is able to identify places where the shoe is too tight and needs to be reworked.