Inline CT

Inline CT: Computed Tomography within Production

Inline-Computertomographie-Systeme für das Produktionsmonitoring können Ausschuss im Produktionsprozess reduzieren.

We are developing systems for production monitoring capable of recognizing aberrations early in the production process in order to minimize the rejection rate.

Blowholes and pores are not only recognized but also located and analyzed. This way, manufactured parts rejected up to now due to lack of information can be processed further if the irregularities are located in a noncritical area or if the location is machined afterwards anyways.

Additionally, the metadata obtained is refed into the production process. By intelligent data feedback, production parameters like pressure or temperature can be adjusted in a way that no critical flaws are produced.





Until now, long measurement periods, too short a service life for X-ray detectors in constant use, and time-consuming algorithms used to calculate and investigate volume data has prevented the use of a 3D CT for inline testing within the manufacturing process.

This is now changing thanks to new developments from Fraunhofer EZRT such as the extremely radiation-resistant detector XEye, which allows fast data recording thanks to short exposure times of as little as one millisecond as well as new types of highly efficient algorithms to combine volume calculation and image evaluation. These developments now allow fully automatic testing of an object in a few seconds.

Fields of application


Fully automated monitoring of the production of:

  • Light alloy castings like e.g. chassis parts, crankcases, cylinder heads, pistons and wheels
  • Polymer parts

Advantages and customer value

  • Reduction of rejects due to:
  • Precise information about location and size of defects (comparison with CAD data)
  • Feedback of analysis information to production for process optimization
  • Automated measurement of part geometries (e. g. analysis of the position of cooling channels in cooling galleries)