Mobile computed tomography

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Mobile computer tomography was developed for location-independent investigation of test objects made of weakly absorbent material up to the size of a tennis ball. These X-ray systems are in no way inferior to their "big brothers," despite their compact size and very low weight.

The low-energy range of the measurements sufficient for these purposes allows a lower-cost system design compared to larger systems, and a design that uses up fewer financial and energy resources.




Examples: Flyby

SD card
Measuring time: 6 minutes
Measuring time: 10 minutes

Fields of application

CTportable 160.90

  • Mobile use, e.g. in the car or in the open field
  • Use in special test environments, e.g. in parabolic flight

CTportable 25.50

  • Material characterization
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Metrology