Mobile computed tomography

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Mobile computer tomography was developed for location-independent investigation of test objects made of weakly absorbent material up to the size of a tennis ball. These X-ray systems are in no way inferior to their "big brothers," despite their compact size and very low weight.

Mobile computer tomography was developed especially for testing small
samples made of weakly absorbent materials. The low-energy range of the measurements sufficient for these purposes allows a lower-cost system design compared to larger systems, and a design that uses up fewer financial and energy resources.

System solution CTportable

In addition to an X-ray source and a detector (see Technical data), the components of the system include the lifting axle with the helix function integrated in the control software (helix being Greek for "twisted")- Vertical movement during a 360° turn of the object allows recordings that are free of Feldkamp artifacts (see below)

The software products Volex 6 and VolumePlayerPlus – developed at Fraunhofer EZRT – are used for controlling the system and for reconstructing and visualizing the data. Compatibility with other systems is, however, retained.

Feldkamp artifacts

Feldkamp artifacts arise when the cone-shaped X-ray beam hits the object level with a wide angle and not straight. When the object is mapped, radial shifts and shadows appear at this location.

  •  Materials technology – plastics, carbon-fiber composites, alloy, ceramic
  •  Electronics – switch contacts, plug contact objects, other small electronic parts
  •  Biology – insects, parts of bone, other organic samples
  •  Geology and archeology – rock samples
  •  Pharmacy and medicine – hearing aids, ceramic implants, dental filling materials


W/H/L (in mm) 300 x 230 x 350
Weight less than 20 kg
Max. specimen size Ø 45 mm, 65 mm (height)
Max. specimen weight 250 g
Helical scanning 50 mm vertical range
Max. magnification 2,7x
Radiation protection less than 0.3 μSv/h
(full-protection device)
material thickness
up to 45 mm (plastic),
up to 10 mm (aluminum)
Connections 230 V / 24 V


X-ray source

Tube voltage 20-60 kV, max. 50 W
Focal spot size less than 50 µm



Number of pixels (in px) 1024 x 1024
Pixel size 48 µm
Voxel size/
spatial resolution
18 µm

Standard CTportable models can be ordered through our sales partners. We would be pleased to refer you to them. Fraunhofer EZRT is focussing on further development of this ultra-compact computed tomography system. In addition, individual device configurations are available for specific customer requirements. If you need a detail resolution higher than specified here, or if the objects to be inspected exceed the maximum dimensions, weight or material thickness as outlined in the technical specifications, do not hesitate to contact us. We will find a solution for your special application.

Advantages and customer value

  • Mobility and locational freedom by means of compact design and low weight
  • Different design options
  • User-friendly oppositions
  • Short measuring times
  • Micrometer-range resolution
  • Isotropic resolution in all layers of the volume
  • Plug&Play by means of USB connection to laptop
  • Low-noise operation