Steinberg and Fraunhofer IIS deliver native support of MPEG-H Audio in Nuendo updates to come

MPEG-H Audio Available in Future Nuendo Updates

Today, Steinberg, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional audio software and hardware, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, primary developer of the MPEG-H Audio system, announced that upcoming Nuendo releases feature native support of MPEG-H Audio.

Thanks to the seamless integration of the most advanced Next Generation Audio system, content creators and service providers can now deliver the sophisticated sound experiences today’s audiences expect. Nuendo’s new range of rendering and authoring functionalities for MPEG-H Audio enables producers to create a unique sound experience without having to deviate from their customary workflows. It also means that the design, editing, and mixing of immersive sound now include personalization options. This unique feature of MPEG-H Audio unlocks the option to create fully adjustable dialogue levels and customizable audio descriptions. It also enables the integration of multiple languages and even interactive object positioning. As a result, creators can allow their audience to choose their preferred audio experience in TV broadcast, film, streaming, and advanced music experiences – and all of this in addition to enjoying immersive sound. Thanks to the export and import of MPEG-H BWF/ADM files, users will be able to produce new or adapt existing mixes and open the door to the most fascinating and custom audio journeys yet. They are also able to define sound sources that can move through a three-dimensional space, just as they do in reality, which enables artists to fully realize their artistic vision.

“Partnering with one of the global leaders in audio post-production was a great experience for us and we are convinced that Nuendo users will appreciate the opportunities of the native MPEG-H Audio integration,” says Harald Fuchs, MPEG-H Audio Product Manager and Head of the Media Systems and Applications Department at Fraunhofer IIS. “No matter if they are experienced users of Fraunhofer’s MPEG-H Audio tools, they will easily be able to use the new options to their fullest extent.”

“We are excited to provide our users with the next global standard in audio personalization systems. MPEG-H Audio takes the listening experience to a whole new level and will be seamlessly integrated with the next major release of Nuendo,” says Timo Wildenhain, Head of Professional Audio at Steinberg. “Our users are proud to be among the most innovative of their industries, and we want to enable them to effortlessly create immersive, personalized sound with their trusted DAW.”

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