Production Monitoring


The department Production Monitoring focuses on the turn-key development and setup of X-ray systems for the industrial manufacturing levels of our customers. Innovative processes of the X-ray technology are combined for the first time with methods for the automated inspection of objects with optical procedures. Our focus within the scope of non-destructive testing lies in the solution of specific tasks in the component production.

Our Experts Supply Solutions in the Following Areas:

  • Systems for the automatic defect identification e.g. for cast parts, both with X-ray processes and with optical technology
  • Computed tomography for non-destructive testing in the production process (e.g. Inline CT)
  • Mobile computed tomography
  • Customized development of inspection methods and systems in the production process as well as automation procedures
  • Consulting and support for the procurement of inspection systems 
  • Licensing of (part) inspection systems and components 
  • Applications in the context of scientific inspection services