NanoCT system now commercialy available

Enhanced NanoCT system enables users to perform even faster scans


The constant miniaturization of electronics and mechanics opens up completely new design possibilities and processes, but it also comes with a problem: materials and component parts are now often too fine and complex to be examined using conventional methods.

To enable industry to handle these special requirements, researchers at the Fraunhofer Development Center for X-ray Technology EZRT have developed a system based on nano-computed tomography.The “ntCT” system can achieve measuring times of just a few hours for a complete CT scan with a general resolution of 200 nm and a resolution of detail of 50 nm.

As the result of a cooperation with the system integrator ProCon X-Ray, this system for non-destructive material testing is now commercially available.

ntCT works using the latest generation of X-ray tubes. Compared with the first generation of the system from 2018, the new ntCT substantially reduces measuring times while offering the same outstanding resolution. Such features are of particular interest to industrial customers looking to integrate the system into their production environment for testing purposes.

“Thanks to the control software developed specifically for the system, we can provide industrial customers with a complete analytic environment,” says Dr. Christian Fella, Manager of the NanoCT Systems group.