Camera Technology



POLKA is a special camera that recognizes and measures polarization, a property of light imperceptible to the human eye. This camera features a low-maintenance, robust design and special low-cost sensors, making it the right choice for industrial applications. The hardware and software can be modified and expanded to meet the needs of specific customer applications.


Flight Test Camera

Together with SEKAI Europe, Fraunhofer IIS is currently planning to develop a prototype of a modular camera system. Potential application areas:

  • Flight testing
  • Aviation
  • Machine and equipment testing


EagleCam is a customer-specific application for the INCA camera platform. This application was adapted to the anatomy and flight behavior of a predatory bird for the film "Wie Brüder im Wind" released in 2016, January. The lightweight ergonomic design, combined with a wide range of sophisticated technology, makes it possible to produce totally new perspectives and never-before-seen images.



HIGGS makes it possible to quickly and easily publish new and exciting live video material through the use of up to five intelligent cameras controlled by a user-friendly app.


INCA - Intelligent Camera

INCA makes it possible to create full HD recordings with one of the world's smallest cameras. The flexible system design combines professional image sensors with the newest generation of mobile processors, providing a new level of image quality and computing power. Customer-specific requirements are quickly and easily implemented, thus offering flexibility for the most compact designs.

Camera Array

The use of camera arrays for movie and television production opens up vast creative opportunities. The latest innovation from Fraunhofer IIS, which consists of a 4X4 miniature camera array,  allows production teams to film scenes using different exposure settings and then calculate various effects such as refocusing, depth map estimation and virtual camera panning from a single take. For these projects, Fraunhofer IIS researchers utilize both in-house developed and commercially-available cameras.