Test Solutions for Industrial Communication Systems

Wireless connections enable machines to be deployed more flexibly. Moreover, wireless communication is the key to connecting locations and areas that wired systems can only reach with great difficulty, if at all. At the same time, data transmission in industrial environments typically requires high reliability and low latency.

Testing the suitability of industrial wireless systems

Our goal is to eliminate uncertainties concerning the use of wireless communication in production processes.

To this end, we offer solutions for testing of industrial communication systems. From the beginning of the planning process, we assess the extent to which a given wireless system is suited to specific application scenarios, and how well it fits in with existing environments. This supports end users and manufacturers of wireless industrial communication systems alike:

  • End users receive a clear overview of which transmission technologies and standards are potentially suited to their industrial application, enabling them to directly and transparently compare competing solutions.
  • Manufacturers benefit from a simplified design process for their industrial communication solutions, and are able to perform more targeted marketing of their products with specifically tested performance parameters.

Testing options for industrial communication systems

Info graphic testing options for industrial communication
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Software- and hardware-based testing options

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