Reliable Wireless Industrial Communication

Manufacturing of complex and individualized products requires continuous operation of challenging automated factory workflows involving, e.g., decentralized production control. Important enablers for this kind of distributed systems are ubiquitous, seamless connectivity and real-time communication between machines in industrial environments. Establishing such systems increases flexibility and productivity because it allows for coordination and control of overall production processes. At the same time it creates a need for mobile machines which communicate and are positioned via wireless networks based on the instantaneous availability of data. Therefore, the reliability, latency, data rate and even positioning accuracy requirements on industrial communication systems are escalating continuously.

We focus on providing solutions for reducing the total latency and increasing the reliability of wireless communication systems to meet the stringent time requirements in industrial environments.


5G for industrial

Ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC)


UWIN – wireless
technology for private industrial networks

Ultra reliable Wireless Industrial Network (UWIN)


Test solutions for
industrial communication systems

Reliable wireless communication in industrial environments

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Guidelines for 5G campus networks (BMWi)

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has published a guideline for 5G campus networks. It builds upon the results of a research project dedicated to “Industrial Communication for Factories” (IC4F). Fraunhofer IIS is project partner of IC4F and experts from Fraunhofer IIS contributed to the publication as co-authors.


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