UWIN – Ultra reliable Wireless Industrial Network

Wireless, real-time communication with maximum reliability


In industrial automation systems, it is common for some of the sensors, actuators, and other system components to be installed on movable subsystems. Examples include tools mounted on robot arms, slide rails, or rotary and coordinate tables. These subsystems require a means of communicating with the central control system capable of operating at very short cycle times in the single-digit millisecond range. Nowadays, these connections are typically realized using cable drag chains, rotary feedthroughs or slide contacts. But they present numerous disadvantages: for instance, heavy weight and susceptibility to wear and tear. They also restrict the mobility of the subsystems and limit the possibilities for expansion.

To solve this problem, Fraunhofer IIS is developing a new radio technology that is deployable as a wireless extension or substitute for wired field buses as well as Time-Sensitive Networking. Compared with currently available radio technologies, the Ultra reliable Wireless Industrial Network (UWIN) enables communication in real-time with extremely short cycle times of 125 μs and a maximum of reliability.

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UWIN adds flexibility to the production environment


UWIN is designed to meet the specific requirements of industrial communication networks. It enables data to be transmitted with a latency of less than one millisecond, and the utmost reliability.

This level of performance is of paramount importance in real-time-critical applications such as motion control. In this way, UWIN gives added flexibility to your production processes. Using a wireless connection to control remote parts of a machine allows them greater freedom of mobility, because they are no longer constrained by cables. UWIN also simplifies the retooling or retrofitting of existing plant and machinery. Instead of having to rewire everything, it suffices to install new sensors in the machine, which can then be configured and activated from a central control console. Signals can be routed via license-free or licensed technology-neutral bands for campus networks.


  • Cycle time 125 µs
  • Latency <100 µs
  • Deterministic data transmission


  • Synchronicity <1 µs
  • Packet error rate  <10-8
  • Coexistence management and channel adaptation


  • Simple integration and replacement of sensors and actuators
  • Unlimited freedom of motion for movable parts of machinery
  • Range up to 20 meters

Customized wireless solution for your industrial automation project

We can offer you a customized communications solution for your industrial application based on UWIN. We start by compiling a requirements specification tailored to the needs of your production environment, and then customize UWIN accordingly. We conduct feasibility studies and pilot projects to evaluate the various choices and select the best one for your specific needs. UWIN knows no borders: it can be deployed in Europe, Asia, or America.

Please contact us if you are interested.

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