Wireless Technology for Private Industrial Networks

UWIN – Ultra reliable Wireless Industrial Network

Flexibility for industrial automation


Numerous industrial automation systems have sensors, actuators and other automation components located on movable subsystems. Tools on robot arms, slide rails and rotary and coordinate tables are examples of such subsystems. They often have to be connected to the overall control system ensuring very short cycle times. The cable drag chains, rotary feedthroughs and slide contacts used for this purpose nowadays have numerous disadvantages. For instance, they limit the motion trajectories of the subsystems, the number of attachable automation components and the opportunities for future retrofits or extensions.

To solve this problem, Fraunhofer IIS is developing a radio technology that is deployable as a wireless extension or even as a substitute for wired fieldbuses. Compared to modern radio technologies, it enables superior real-time signal transmission with extremely short latency, maximum reliability and 30 times more user data per telegram.

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