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Internet of Things

In addition to a continuous increase in the number of Internet-connected mobile devices, digital evolution means the ability to connect people, processes, data and objects. In the context of Industry 4.0, it is already common for systems and devices to exchange sensor data and other information. Wireless networks based on flexible and robust infrastructure, thus providing reliable connections, are the basis for the next generation of machine-to-machine communication in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Depending on the application, we offer Critical IoT broadband solutions for managing industrial processes in real-time as well as economical telemetry systems for Massive IoT, which are suitable for non-time-critical data transmissions in industry and infrastructure processes.

IoT via satellite is the most suitable and often the only option for connecting even remote areas. Learn more about our solutions for satellite-based IoT:

Critical IoT

In the context of industrial communication, our focus is on wireless communication solutions with high reliability and low latency that enable efficient, digitally integrated manufacturing.


Reliable wireless industrial communication

Transmission solutions for ultra-reliable low-latency communication

Test solutions

for industrial wireless communication

Massive IoT

For Massive IoT applications, our focus is on minimizing power consumption, maximizing battery life and enabling simultaneous use of a multitude of sensor nodes. With MIOTY we offer a wireless IoT technology for cloud-based applications. To compliment this, employing artificial intelligence (AI) for local data processing is on the rise in distributed IoT systems. Therefore, we offer energy-efficient and robust solutions for integrating machine learning on edge or embedded platforms, for instance, by utilizing neuromorphic hardware.



The wireless IoT network


Embedded machine learning

Implementation and integration of machine learning algorithms on embedded devices


Neuromorphic hardware

Use of neuromorphic hardware for machine learning: consulting, design and implementation

IoT antenna solutions

Digitization is progressing in every area of life, and with the Internet of Things it is creating the ability to connect people, processes, data, and objects. Flawless networking requires powerful, compact, and flexible antenna systems.


Smart antenna systems

Intelligent connection of people, data, and processes


Multibeam antenna

For RFID applications in the UHF range

Digitally tunable RF bandpass filters


Tunable bandpass filters

High flexibility for future communication standards

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