Inductive Positioning


Developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, IndLoc positioning technology is an economical solution for the three-dimensional, real-time positioning of passive objects in a defined space with a high degree of precision. To this end, a live conductor encloses a defined area of variable size and generates a weak alternating magnetic field within the perimeter. The object to be positioned carries a small, passive coil, similar to an RFID transponder.


This “positioning coil” generates a secondary magnetic field in the monitored space, which is detected by antennas and analyzed by the IndLoc system. In this way, it is possible to detect a boundary breach – as well as the position, orientation, and motion of the target object – with a high degree of accuracy and without the need for active electronics. Using suitable back-end software, the captured positional data can be visualized, processed, or assigned to specific patterns. Predefined actions such as alarm notifications can be triggered in the event of boundary breaches, for example.


Magnetic field-based: Weak magnetic fields to define a monitoring area

Positioning: Positioning accuracy in the region of a few centimeters

Passive tags: Objects carry small positioning coils that operate without a power supply

High update rate: Update rate of 2,500 samples per second

Variable monitoring-area geometry: Dimensions of up to a few meters

Cost efficiency: Low equipment and infrastructure costs, no transmission fees


  • Objects located using passive tags
  • No need for a line of sight
  • Detection of picking movements from the side
  • No need for spatial limitation of compartments
  • Variable monitored space can be applied to common shelving sizes
  • Easy retrofitting to existing shelving systems
  • Software allows flexible configuration of compartment distribution (size, position, function, etc.)
  • Accurate identification of boundary breaches
  • Provision of 3D positioning data for further processing (e.g., visualization, alarm activation, or device control)
  • Automatic process acknowledgment
  • Positioning and identification of objects within the space
  • Tolerant of interfering metal objects and other foreign bodies in the monitoring area
  • Positioning of standard LF transponders


  • Logistics and production: smart shelving
  • Positioning of picking processes with direct feedback
  • Electronic Kanban (positioning of containers in shelving)
  • Identification and discrimination of metallic objects (shape, quantity, and material)


Fraunhofer IIS is the ideal partner for the development and implementation of customized solutions.

We can support you with everything from technical and economic feasibility studies to licensing the IndLoc® technology for your specific application. The technology can be fully tailored to customer requirements, such as precision, scale and costs.

Joint development – your success!