ePrivacy with SHORE®

Your data is important to us: Analysis services with fully anonymized metadata

SHORE® – a single solution suitable for a range of applications: Certified solution complies with data protection law and offers full privacy protection

  • SHORE® offers reliable, real-time face detection and analysis of facial features. The software tool complies with all data protection requirements as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and it is certified by the ePrivacy GmbH
  • SHORE® software processes neither image data nor personal data, only anonymous metainformation such as the number of people in an image and their age and gender. No specific individuals are identified.
  • The AVARD solution (this is only an application example. AVARD is not available as a finished technology.) carries out the analysis on an intelligent sensor and only enables the output of anonymous analysis results. Image data or other personal data are not stored or transmitted. This is proven by the German and European data protection seal of approval.

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